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Coronado 15

 Part #Description
80495 Catalina  Centerboard
11091 Catalina  Centerboard Bracket Set
71094 Catalina  Centerboard Bracket Set ( 5hole)
80534 Catalina  Centerboard Gasket Set
24200 Catalina  Metal Barney Post Old
24097 Catalina  Metal Barney Post New
30566 Catalina  Mainsheet Split/traveler
24361 Catalina  Hiking Strap Plate
15135 Catalina  Hiking Strap Set
24561 Catalina  Triple Fairlead
24560 Catalina  Triple Deck Organizer
30018 Catalina  Block Kit ( Main)
30002 Catalina  Block Kit
24067 Catalina  Mast Step Deck
10213 Catalina  Mast Step Pin
10122 Catalina  Rubrail Per Foot
24053 Catalina  Bow Plate
11202 Catalina  Storage Box (trash Can Cuddy)
80231 Catalina  Canvas Hatch Cover
90329 Catalina  Mast Partner Strap
24055 Catalina  Shroud Base Chainplate
30102 Catalina  Chianplate Adjuster
24158 Catalina  Jib Track 11 7/8" Long
24109 Catalina  Jib Car W/cleat
24071 Catalina  Traveler Bar
30059 Catalina  Trapeeze Fair Leads
15171 Catalina  Cover, Boat
24072 Catalina  Cleat, Swivel Base
10216 Catalina  Mast Complete, Comes W/shroud/stay
80041-1 Catalina  Mast Extrusion
30214 Catalina  Masthead New
30064 Catalina  Halyard Lock
30014 Catalina  Spreader Bracket (pair)
30590 Catalina  Spreader New
30012 Catalina  Boom Stop
30211 Catalina  Mast Foot Asmbly,plug+mastfoot Bar
80044 Catalina  Boom Extrusion Old
10225 Catalina  Gooseneck Complete Old
30560 Catalina  Gooseneck New
30098 Catalina  Tack Pin
30205 Catalina  Gooseneck Casting
30148 Catalina  Boom End Casting
30179 Catalina  Whisker Pole
24067 Catalina  Mast Step/alum. Casting
30501 Catalina  Mast Foot Bar
30566 Catalina  Mainsheet Traveler Split
30065 Catalina  Boom Bail
90329 Catalina  Mast Partner Strap
37066 Catalina  Sail Number 10" Blk
37656 Catalina  Mainsail White
37657 Catalina  Jib White
37716 Catalina  Mainsail Color
37735 Catalina  Jib Color
10226 Catalina  Batten Set
10227 Catalina  Rudder Complete Std
24520 Catalina  Blade W/pintles Std
80042 Catalina  Rudder Head Std (c13/14.2/15)
16007 Catalina  Pintle Short Std 3/8"
16008 Catalina  Pintle Long Std
10228 Catalina  Rudder Complete K/up
11068 Catalina  Rudder Blade K/up
91040 Catalina  Rudder Casting K/up Complete Set
50017 Catalina  Rudder Locking Handle
10229 Catalina  Rudder Head K/up
10129 Catalina  Pintle Strap K/up
10230 Catalina  Tiller
80353 Catalina  Tiller W/hiking Stick
24348 Catalina  Hiking Stick 36"
91083 Catalina  Gudgeon
24068 Catalina  Drain Plug Small
30116 Catalina  Shroud Tang
91089 Catalina  Tiller Head
15135 Catalina  Hiking Strap Set
15171 Catalina  Cover, Boat
24673 Catalina  Gudgeon Shims

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